Humanity standing strong amidst the danger on humankind. Nikunj kapil of sector 15, Faridabad leading new mission on serving kindness to animals

NCR. Nikunj Kapil, Resident of Sector 15 Faridabad, who is currently pursuing Chartered Accountant and is also a football coach and fitness trainer have been providing for more than 50 homeless stray dogs in Sector 15 Market from the time when the lockdown commenced and is willing to carry on this mission to serve innocent animals in this dreadful situation till the lockdown culminates.
Numerous people who also desire to be the part of this endeavour have come forward to support and aid in this initiative in their own possible ways. “My utmost special appreciations goes to Mr. Manohar Puniani, President of sector 15 Market Welfare Association, his kind son Divyam Puniani and also to Dr. Rashmi Chhabra Jain, Healer, Counsellor, Diabetic Educator from sector 15, Faridabad for their endless support and assistance” as stated by Nikunj Kapil to NCR Frontline News.
“These animals are at the mercy on us for food, so I appeal everyone to feed the dogs and other animals in their respective areas. In this situation we pray wellness for other families, then let’s not ignore these families too.
This is the time where we all need to be together while joining hands in humanity towards other species too. Also, a special thanks to my brother Vaibhav Makol who constantly stood by me but couldn’t join me physically due to his knee injury.”
Nikunj request the citizens/residents of Faridabad to come forward for this noble cause by connecting on call at +91 85878 02259.