SBI ATM Cash Withdrawal: Don’t do THIS mistake otherwise you can lose account


New Delhi, Cases of fraud, skimming, clonning of credit and debit cards have increased in recent years. In order to make your debit and credit card, secure SBI has provided the latest facility to make your ATM cards safe and secure.

Notably, SBI has provided a secured facility by changing the usage of your ATM cards, withdrawal limit, and changing the ATM channels.

Under this facility, you can switch your ATM card on or off and also limit the card usage following different channels by enabling/disabling the domestic or international usage online.

Interestingly, you can do all this through SBI online banking account.

1. You need to first log in on SBI online.

2. Click on the e-services tab and select the ATM card services.

3. Next, you need to click on the ATM Card limit/Channel/Usage change option available on the website.

4. In case you have more than one account than you need to select the account for which you want these services and next click on the continue option.

5. After this, all your ATM cards linked with the selected account will show on the screen. You need to select the card for which you want these services.

6. Next, you will have to select an option from the drop-down menu.

a. Change daily limit

b. Change channel type

c. Change usage type.

7. You need to click on the change daily limit options-ATM limit and POS/CNP limit. Select the ATM limit from the option.

8. After this, you will see a page showing your current ATM limit, the minimum limit allowed. From here, you can set a new ATM limit, which should be in multiples of 5,000

9. Next, you need to enter the password received on your mobile.

10. Now your daily limit is changed to the one you entered.