Congress offers a big helping hand to BJP and is ready to solve its problem; is BJP listening?


New Delhi,  BJP’s official website is still down as it was taken off after Tuesday after the same was hacked and defaced with distasteful comments and visuals about PM Narendra Modi. According to the message on the home page the site, which was down almost 22 hours back is still under ‘maintenance’.
Congress saw in this a big opportunity to tease the BJP and tweeted on Wednesday, ““We realise you’ve been down for a long time now. If you need help getting back up, we’re happy to help.”

Since Tuesday morning, reports have been pouring that the BJP’s official site has been hacked and some even showed the screenshots, which certainly were distasteful in nature.

There were unflattering memes of PM Narendra Modi along with Bohemian Rhapsody.

Other memes show German Chancellor Angela Merkel who is seen walking past PM Modi when he extends -his hand, expecting her to shake it.

For some Congressmen it was an opportunity and therefore they could not resist taking a swipe at its arch-rival. “If you’re not looking at the BJP website right now — you’re missing out,” said Divya Spandana.

The anomalies are being fixed and it is expected that it will be fine soon.