Priyanka Chopra’s dog Diana wears a winter jacket worth Rs 36 lakh


New Delhi, Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra knows very well how to remain in news. This time it is not Priyanka who left her score of fans shocked but her pet Diana.

Priyanka has always managed to surprise us with her elegant dressing sense and probably this is the reason why she has also emerged as a style icon. The Global Citizen never stops at anything for her loved ones. This time we are not discussing her husband Nick Jonas, but her lovely little pooch Diana.

Currently, Priyanka is in Los Angeles where she is enjoying her winters with her pet dog Diana. The pet gets plenty of love and care from her beautiful owner Priyanka. Now Priyanka even bought her chihuahua a winter jacket from the label Moncler and the cost of the jacked will leave you in shock.

In an Instagram story from the Desi girl, she revealed that Diana Chopra, was styled by PC’s stylist, Mimi Curtell.So, let us divulge the cost of the jacket. According to a report in Pinkvilla, it turns out that the winter jacket from the Poldo Dog Couture for Moncler is worth a whopping EUR 455,00, that is, Rs.36,83,825 INR!!!

Priyanka was seen sporting a jacket and a ski suit from the same designer label during her Ski trip with her family to the Swiss Alps earlier this month. Both the Ski suit and jacket cost a bomb. So, now, we know that Diana is living her best life and we are in awe of it!