Who was Carlo Acutis? A Computer Prodigy set to become Catholic Church’s 1st ‘Millennial Saint’


New Delhi: Carlo Acutis, a teenage boy who lived a life only for 15 years and dedicated those 15 years to spirituality and helping mankind. Carlo was 15 years old born in london. The teenage boy lived a short life as he suffered from Acute Leukemia. The Teenage boy was a Computer Enthusiast who worked on creating websites that helped in spreading the teachings of Church online.

Carlo used to live in Italy with his parents and the boy was always keen in attending Mass Prayers in the Church and even insisted his mother to pray on a regular basis to develop a connection with God.

About Carlo’s Early Life
The young boy was only 15 when he miraculously saved the life of a seven year old boy who was suffering from a Rare Pancreatic disease. The child touched one the T-Shirts of Carlo and a Priest prayed on behalf of the sick child and fortunately the boy recovered. According to Catholicism, someone is eligible to become a saint if the Pope acknowledges two miracles done by you.

In one of the incidents, a student met with an accident got bleeding in his brain and was in a serious condition. Her mother prayed in front of the tomb of Acutis. After a few days her daughter recovered and she was taken off ventilator.

Carlo Acutis was the only child born in 1990s to be Canonised. Before him, the only person who was Canonised was in 1926.