Woman poisons husband by adding bleach to his coffee, gets caught on hidden camera


New Delhi: In a horrifying incident coming to light from US Arizona, a lady allegedly tried to kill her husband by adding bleach to his coffee on numerous occasions.

The accused, identified as Melody Felicano Johnson, was married to ex-husband Roby Johnson who used to work with the Air Force during the time when the incidents unfolded.

According to the reports, Melody made the first attempt to poison her husband when the couple used to reside in Germany with their son last year.

Husband on High Alert
After noting an odd taste in his morning coffees a couple of times, Johnson immediately went into high-alert mode and decided to find out the reason behind the same.

He started by inspecting the quality of water using testing strips but found no abnormalities in it. However, when the guy did the same examination on the coffee, he was shocked to see the alarming amount of chlorine present in the beverage.

Catches Wife Mixing Bleach in Cofee
To find the culprit red-handed, Johnson then secretly installed multiple cameras inside his house and waited patiently for a few days.

Soon after, he saw a camera recording that featured his own wife Melody sneakingly mixing bleach inside the coffee. However, instead of confronting her right away, he remained silent and waited for the right time.

Wife Arrested
After a while, the couple went back home to the US and even there, the woman shamelessly continued to add poison to Johnson’s drink.

Finally, the guy went to the police station with multiple proofs against his wife and got her arrested by the cops. Following that, an Arizona court sentenced Melody to a three-year probation during which, she also underwent treatment for her mental well-being.

Later on, it was revealed that Johnson and Melody’s marriage was on the verge of breaking down, and the lady was possibly poisoning him to kill him before their anticipated divorce and claim the life insurance amount.