Seema Haider’s deepfake video showing her with injured face, bruised eye & lips goes viral on internet, netizens react


New Delhi: Leaving the netizens concerned & confused, a disturbing video featuring Seema Haidar showing her beaten-up face with bruises & Injuries lately went viral on social media.

Along with the video, it was claimed that Pak woman Seema, who left her family behind in Pakistan to marry Indian man Sachin after meeting with him through the video game PUBG, has been mercilessly beaten by her husband Sachin and his family following a heated argument between the two.

However, the police reportedly soon unveiled the reality behind Seema’s viral video & made it clear that Seema has not been subjected to domestic violence & the clip doing rounds on the internet is not genuine but merely a deepfake.

In the deep-faked video, Seema can be clearly observed in a miserable condition with a lot of injury marks on and around her face. She can even be seen using her finger to show her eye & lip bruises to the camera.

Reality of Seema Haider’s beaten up viral video
Not much after Seema Haider’s fake news started garnering netizen’s attention on social media, a report on Twitter (Now x) debunked the truth & explained that the viral video of Seema claiming she had been thrashed in an AI-generated Deepfake.

The reporter also claimed that Seema herself has clarified to Nodia police that no one has thrashed her after the official contacted her concerning the viral clip.

Meanwhile, Seema’s lawyer AP Singh also opened up on the lady’s viral deep fake footage & said that it had been created by Pakistani media & YouTube to create a false narrative about Sachin on social media.

AP further urged the public not to believe in any such misinformation that is being deliberately spread to manipulate people by the Pak media