Don’t live with Anxiety and Fear during Exams, Try these effective ways to rejuvenate your mind and soul


New Delhi: With lakhs of students taking up board exams in India every year, exam fear and anxiety become a very common conversation topic among parents and guardians. According to a survey by NCERT in 2022 around 80 percent of students in Class 9th-12th suffer from anxiety during exams.

Most people have their own way of dealing with exam stress and anxiety. However, a few tried and tested efforts before and during exams might be helpful for all.

Things to do to relax your mind and gain back lost confidence during exams:
There are times during exams when you just feel like giving up. Well, the feeling is not unique. It happens with a number of students. To deal with it, just take a small break. Don’t study, just arrange all your books, worksheets, organise your room and shelf. Go through the old mark sheets, especially those in which you have scored well. Just think, If you can score well in certain exams, why can’t you do it this time? The answers can be the following

1. You have generally lost interest and have started finding studies very boring.

2. The wait for the exam to get over seems to be too long.

3. You are unable to solve Maths,Physics problems and thus find all other subjects equally boring and useless.

4. You are constantly trapped in the web of games, Tinder, Reels or some other app.

5. You are not able to focus due to distractions in the family like siblings squabble, parents fighting etc.

6. Your siblings, friends, relatives who always speak demotivating words.

7. Your health is not good and you are feeling too weak.

8. You don’t like the food cooked at home, which annoys you.

9. You are constantly thinking about or chatting with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Multiple thoughts come to your mind like Why he/she is ignoring you, If he/she is going around with someone else? Or he/she doesn’t love you enough to understand your feelings?

10. You are not able to focus due to an extra load of studies like Engg, Medical coaching courses.

This is the time when you should do below-mentioned things:
Just close your door. Introspect and reflect. If you want to cry, don’t stop yourself. Cry as much as you want. If you have someone at home who can listen and understand what you are going through, just vent it out in front of that person. That one person in your life can be your parents, your siblings, friends, relatives, neighbours or acquaintance. Just speak all the truth and ask for help.

If you do not have that one person in life, just make an anonymous social media account and write all your worries and concerns to an online counsellor. He/She can be a motivational speaker, a life coach, or a healer. In today’s time there are a number of experienced counselors who provide real help.

Alternatively you can also speak to your pet, if you have one. It’s ok to tell your story to a pet. They might not understand a single word of it but they surely understand the emotion. Pets are

Listen to some of your favourite songs or some motivational videos on Youtube. Tell your parents that you want to eat your favourite food and request them to either cook it or order it. If time allows, you can also request them to take you to your favourite restaurant.

Trying a few of the above given healing techniques will surely rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Apart from this, it is most important for parents to understand their kids and notice the signs of anxiety and depression in their kids and find out the reason.

Don’t ignore, speak, talk and there are people around you to listen and solve your problems.