Protestors to pay any loss to public property during farmers protest: Ambala Police


Ambala: Amid a stand-off with the farmers, who are protesting with their demands, Haryana Police in Ambala District has said that any loss to the government and private property during the protest will be compensated by attaching the property and seizure of bank accounts of the protestors.

According to a release from the Ambala police, from February 13, 2024, continuous efforts are being made by the farmer organizations to break the barricade imposed on Shambhu Border by the farmers regarding their march to Delhi and daily attempts are being made to spoil the law and order by pelting stones at the police administration and creating ruckus. During this period, a lot of damage has been caused to government and private property by encroachment.

“The damage caused to government and private property by the agitators is being assessed. The administration had already informed/warned in this regard that if the agitators caused damage to government and private property during this movement, then this loss would be compensated by seizing their property and bank accounts. If public property is damaged by the agitators during the movement, there is an amendment in the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act 1984 (PDPP Act) under the provisions of the Supreme Court in which, the people who caused damage to public property during the movement or called for the movement and the officials of that organization are held responsible for any damage caused,” the official release said.

It further added that according to the Haryana Public Administration’s Property Recovery Act 2021, in case of damage to government property, there is a provision to compensate for the loss of public property by attaching property and confiscating bank accounts of the person causing the loss.

“In this regard, the actions taken by the administration against the agitators leaders are being implemented. If there has been any damage to any community’s property during this movement, the details of the damage can be given to the administration. Proceedings to compensate for the loss of government property during the farmers’ protest, attachment of property and seizure of bank accounts of the protestors have been initiated,” it added.

Also, the police have initiated the National Security Act (NSA) against the farmer leaders.

“Proceedings have been initiated under the NSA National Security Act 1980/NSA against the chief officials of farmer organizations and the agitators,” the Ambala police said on X.