Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah presents his 15th Budget amidst high expectations


Bengaluru: As Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah prepares to deliver his 15th consecutive budget presentation, all eyes are on the state’s financial roadmap for the upcoming fiscal year.

Holding both the position of Chief Minister and the finance portfolio, Siddaramaiah’s 15th budget marks a record milestone in his political career.

This is also his 8th budget presentation while holding the position of Chief Minister, establishing a noteworthy record in his political career.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s consecutive budget presentation underscores his leadership and fiscal stewardship over the state’s economy.

With the budget announcement imminent, citizens across Bengaluru express their anticipation and hopes for impactful policy measures that address critical issues facing the state.

Yashwant BR, a student, called for increased support for drought-affected farmers and improved transportation facilities for rural students, highlighting the pressing needs within the agricultural and education sectors.

He said, “Farmers of the state are facing drought so it is expected that more grants will be released to them and more buses will be arranged for students going to school from villages.”.

Similarly, Surya, an advocate, pitched for the welfare of the underprivileged, emphasizing the importance of measures to empower the poor and enhance safety for legal professionals.

“We have high expectations from the Chief Minister. I hope that this time the budget will give more benefits to the poor. I request that the Chief Minister bring a law that will take more measures to curb the violence against the advocates,” he said.

Mohan, an auto driver, expressed concerns over the impact of bike taxis on livelihoods and the accessibility of free bus travel for girls, highlighting the need for equitable transportation policies.
He said, “Bike taxis should be banned in Bangalore, girls are allowed to travel in buses for free, this is causing problems for auto drivers and private company vehicles; poor girls should be allowed to travel for free if they want; but giving free to all girls is making it difficult for us to live.”.

Prakash, emphasized the significance of investing in public education infrastructure to ensure quality education is accessible to all, addressing concerns about the dominance of private institutions.

He said, “All parents are enrolling their children in international schools only, upgrading our government school will benefit everyone.”.

Santhosh, a government employee, advocated for the implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission, aligning Karnataka’s salary structure with other states to enhance employee welfare.

He stated, “Eighth and ninth pay are already in effect in other states, I hope seventh pay will be implemented in our state.”.

The 2023-24 Karnataka Budget witnessed substantial growth, with the budget size increasing from Rs 265,720 crore to Rs 327,747 crore, demonstrating a significant 23 per cent surge.

This expansion encompassed both revenue and capital expenditures, reflecting the government’s commitment to holistic development across various sectors.

With Chief Minister Siddaramaiah poised to unveil the state’s financial roadmap, anticipation mounts as citizens eagerly await initiatives that will shape Karnataka’s economic landscape and foster inclusive growth.

As the day progresses, all eyes remain fixed on the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, where Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will outline his vision for the state’s prosperity and progress in the forthcoming fiscal year.