After Thailand & Srilanka, Malaysia announces Visa Free Entry for Indians from December 1st


New Delhi: Malaysia is all set to scrap entry visa requirements for the citizens of India and China from December 1st. Both Indian and Chinese citizens can stay for over 30 days visa-free. The Malaysian Prime Minister made this announcement to boost economic growth and encourage the entry of tourists into the country. Meanwhile, China also allowed the entry of six countries including Malaysia to visit the country without a Visa. This move will come into effect from December 1st and it will be valid till November 30th next year. Visitors on a business, family or leisure trip can stay up to 15 days in China without Visa Free.

Thailand also allowed Visa-Free entry for Indians
Thailand also allowed visa-free entry for Indian Citizens recently to improve their economic growth. According to the official statement by the Thailand government, Indians are allowed to travel without a Visa from November 30th till May 2024. Indians are also allowed to stay for 30 days without a Visa.

Srilankan Govt took the step to promote Tourism
In Srilanka Indians are allowed to travel without a Visa till March 31st 2024. This move was introduced by the government to boost the Tourism Industry which was badly hit during Covid-19 Pandemic.

Countries that allow Visa-Free Travel
Other Countries that allow Indians for Visa-Free Travel are Bhutan, Hong Kong, Barbados, Qatar, Oman, Micronesia, Dominica, Greenada, Haiti, Jamaica, St Kitts, St Vincent, Grenadines, Trinidad, Tobago, Kazakhstan, Macao, Nepal, Senegal and Tunisia. The fresh entry to this list is Srilanka and Thailand which provided Visa Facilities to Indian Citizens.

The Visa arrival facilities to Indian citizens are provided by Maldives, Indonesia, Palau Islands, Tuvalu, Iran, Jordan, St Lucia, Combodia, Laos, Myanmar, Bolivia, Burundi, Cape Verde Islands, Comoro Islands, Djibouti, Somalia, Togo, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Mozambique etc.