Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal is considering a subscription fee for “cruise control” on their electric scooters


New Delhi: Ola Electric has uncovered a new revenue stream. The manufacturer of electric vehicles has dropped hints that it’s considering charging a subscription fee to customers who want to use the cruise control functions on their electric scooters.

Bhavish Aggarwal, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Ola, said on Sunday in a tweeter post that he is considering implementing a subscription charge for cruise control.

A device known as cruise control enables the driver of a vehicle to keep the vehicle moving at a constant pace without having to continuously press the accelerator pedal. The global automotive company says that after you’ve set the speed, you can remove your foot off the accelerator and the vehicle will continue to go at that speed even if you don’t touch it again.

The video clip shows a guy wearing a helmet and riding an electric bike at a consistent pace without holding the accelerator as if the bike had the cruise control option. The man rode the bike as if it had the cruise control feature.

Bhavish Aggarwal wrote his thoughts on the video and posted them on X. The caption was made by one social media user on Saturday, after he shared the video and posted it, “Guy returning home after wife said on the phone “ghar aao, batati hun fir!””

After that, Bhavish Aggarwal reposted the video and commented on it saying, “Thinking of charging a subscription fee for cruise control after seeing this 🤯😄😉”

Up to this point, CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has continued to serve in his role as CEO of the firm and has been responsible for managing both the cab business and the e-scooter divisions. He attended the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay and graduated with a degree in engineering.

Ola’s current product lineup includes the S1 Pro, S1 Air, and S1 X electric scooters. The producer of electric vehicles is planning to expand into the electric motorbike sector. Earlier this year, it showcased four distinct electric bike concepts that will hit shelves in the coming years. In addition, the production line is now working on the company’s first electric vehicle.

In November of 2022, Ola Electric announced that manufacturing had reached one million vehicles. By November 2023, the business hoped to have produced 10 million devices altogether.

The Ola Future Factory boasts that it is the biggest two-wheeler manufacturing facility in the world. The integrated complex occupies 500 acres in Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri district. The plant was put up in 2021.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was recently signed between Ola Electric Mobility and the government of Tamil Nadu at the Chennai Secretariat. In order to build its four-wheeled electric cars, the business plans to set up a 20 GW battery production plant in the state.