It is sad not to love, but it is much sadder not to be able to love



In my last section it was quite learning how the health of heart is important before we indulge in sexual activity. To continue and putting some more light into this matter… there are still more things that must be taken care. Though it’s not an immediate problem but ‘yes’ quite concern able for future. How to keep yourself healthy so that you can spice up your passion before it become too late.
Now days it’s very common for people showing dis-interest in sex. Even young guys and gals are not fond of it. The passion is lost, doing become a sort of ‘task’ with failure in satisfaction leading them to wandering from person to person with no good endings. Males and females both are equivalently suffered. Both have their own notions and demands.
Whereas dysfunction in sex is very wide topic to discuss but here I am stressing upon the initiation part of sexual activity. Signs of initiation of sexual activity is more obvious in men but hard to find and recognize in women. It’s not that the desire is lost, it’s not that the passion is absent, it’s not that the willingness is not there, it’s not that the appetite is lost or the wild clouds are not showering in mind….but the problem is how to start….nothing is happening down under…there are no obvious signs if something will occur?. “YES I mean of erectile dysfunction; in men is becoming commoner and this leading to further mental and physical sick consequences. Similarly some women feel no fire in lowerbelly. You try hard to waken up the organ but no response. What the hell going ONN.( it’s hardly hard in men and invisible in women) The initiation dilemma is not just chemical misbalance in mind or simply saying psychological, but this is definitely a process that has been stated in your body and this process going to have serious impacts on your body, mind as well soul also. It seems as if someone had “switched off” your feelings ….
Though today my topic is more oriented towards men’s problem as its obvious and easily recognized, but nonetheless means it’s not applicable to women’s health. It will become relevant as you go down the article.
Erectile dysfunction or better say arousal dysfunction (more applicable to both sexes), has become todays epidemic. In my last article it had been explained how the arousal occurs. The arteries dilate in genital areas, flush the organ with more and more blood. The congestion down under belly demands sex to happen. But…. if it does not occur. The brain says go … but body says no..This is the situation when person become frustrated and then get indulged in other activities, drugs, self-medications etc. etc..,, and making a vicious circle of the disease rather than to get cured of it.
The problem arises because our arteries — the vessels that carry blood to the organ; unable to obey the signals send by the brain. In technical terms it’s called endothelial dysfunction. Though this term and its applications are much wider but we here are concerned with sexual health only. Technically, when brain is giving the green signals …these are not interpreted and arteries are failed to dilate. There is less
production of nitrous oxide in the body. A small molecule that probably promises “the youth” in you.
This has now probably becoming clearer to you what I am emphasizing upon. A more and more scientific studies had come up in last few years citing that erectile dysfunction in men is pre-cursor of heart
health. A large number of men about 40% are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction has now been related to cardio-vascular health also. Heart gets trembled within short span of five years after the onset of erectile dysfunction. The arousal disorder in women and its signs are not easy to find out, but the anginas occurring in females do corresponds to it?? , still an enigma. But personally as my own point of view, it may be the factor. As younger population is becoming affected to plaque disorders which is known as atherosclerosis. Many women of young age are now are sufferer of atherosclerosis
and symptoms of angina.
So, guys ..,, you may be realizing what I am pointing out. YES prevention always better than cure. Heart that jumps in joy as I had mentioned in my last article, should always be remain so joyful. The new factor in our health, “Endothelial-Dysfunction” must be kept in mind.
To elaborate little more, Endothelium is a functional layer of our arteries. It perceives signals from brain and gets dilated. More blood flows in it and so more of shear stress occurs within the arteries and causing more dilation and flushing the organ with blood. Its dysfunction thus leads to non-dilated arteries. These arteries are then become prone to atherosclerosis and later for then cause heart diseases. The erectile dysfunction lies in between or other ways you can say that process goes like first endothelial dysfunction then erectile dysfunction and finally heart diseases. This way, it becomes clear
that how our health is dependent upon our inner arteries health. (Worry is to human beings … what a condom is to a man with erectile dysfunction) Well, as previously told, prevention is always better because cure costs more. How to prevent endothelial dysfunction…well..its not new , change of life style will do most of it. However, there is little to add on.. some fruits or vegges are important like beet root, grapes, tomatoes etc. all these contains
Lycopene, important protector of endothelium.In last of this series, its important to adopt a healthy life style, and getting checked up your endothelial functions. Consult to cardiologist or a vascular physician who can help you out.