Bigg Boss 16: Nimrit Kaur grabs TTF, becomes first contestant to reach the finale


New Delhi: Bigg Boss 16, the Salman Khan-hosted reality series, is getting closer to its conclusion, and spectators are experiencing some unusual format changes. The struggle for the finale is getting more exciting as the housemates’ equations shift every single second.

In the most recent episode of the show, Bigg Boss gives the housemates a chance to decide each other’s destinies through a task involving a television, tape player, and remote control.

With a new assignment that will give the housemates a chance to decide each other’s futures, Bigg Boss is now prepared to conduct a “Sample Survey.” A full new level of drama is unlocked by this task, complete with accusations, denials, provocations, and justifications.

The garden area has been set up with a homemade television that shows the master of the house and the participants. By remotely bombing the competitor, they will decide who gets the chance to remove the other from the captaincy competition.

The duties ultimately turn interesting when Nimrit, Shiv Thakare, Ahluwalia, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan are left to be bombed on tv. The so-called “Mandali” members oppose kicking their pals out of the contest.

In contrast, non-mandali members like Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Archana Gautam decline to bomb the contestants that have been assigned to them. They even discussed having the mission canceled since they were so determined to avoid bombing. Nimrit, though, remains the captain and completes the assignment by making it to the last week.

Other than the task, Archana Gautam and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia’s unpleasant argument was another episode highlight. Archana begins by consuming roti cooked from Nimrit’s ration. Nimrit questions her about it, and when Archana responds that she probably doesn’t receive enough food at home, that’s probably why she’s on the program, she taunts her.